Future Relics Pottery

Lori Buff is an Atlanta artist creating unique functional and sculptural pottery using a variety of local clays. Most of her art is created on the potter’s wheel; some pieces are then altered. Sculptural works are fired using alternative techniques such as raku, salt, and naked raku.
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Wheel Thrown and Hand Built Pitcher

This handmade, stoneware mug depicts an image of a horse. The image has been carved into the clay and a black slip was inlayed into the carving. It was then glazed with 2 glazes and fired to cone 6.

At The Collective in Inman Park today until 6:00

Penland brick

Guess where I am.

Photography by Jacob Holdt

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Top: Untitled

Middle Left:Mohammed, Garba, Baba & Bintu

Middle Right: Hopper

Bottom: Merkabah

(via extractofpatterns)

Pots glowing inside the wood kiln just before bricking up the door.


Interview with John Roloff, exhibiting artist at the Overthrown: Clay Without Limits exhibition, Denver Art Museum, July 2011

The special feature for the Overthrown: Clay Without Limits exhibition includes images from the exhibition and interviews with ten exhibiting artists, plus…